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Since 1970, Lynn-Dale Ferneries has been serving the floral industry. We take alot of pride in saying we have been in buisness for 35 years. Lynn-Dale is a family owned buisness that is named after Lynn and Dale Puckett. A husband and wife team that have been married just as long as they have been in buisness.

Lynn-Dale Ferneries, Inc. is located in Barberville, Fl. About five miles from Pierson, Fl. "The Fern Capitol of the World". We have over 100 acres of foliage and currently grow the biggest portion of products we offer.

Lynn and Dale Puckett
Lynn-Dale has a wide variety of greenery to offer, and we hope our product page will benefit or educate you on the products available in the floral industry. We value feedback, so please take a moment to look around our web site and contact us with any questions or comments you may have.



Lynn and Dale Puckett